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The “Symphonic Journey through the Chakras” DVD
Powerful music by Wm. Jay Sydeman and beautiful mandala paintings
Gina Rose Halpern. A moving multimedia experience. Available now...

All music plus additional orchestral soundscapes, is recorded and available through the composer. Selected music is available on Apple iTunes, Amazon, lala.com and cdbaby.com.






photograph of William Jay Sydeman












“Composer Sydeman... has a flair for arresting ideas that stamp him as one of the most talented of U.S. newcomers”
- Time Magazine, 1962

“Imagination and fantasy, allied with a contemporary
musical vocabulary and a solid sense of structure, make Mr. Sydeman’s works unusually fascinating.”
- The New York Times

“Sydeman uses a whole battery of far-out techniques but he has an uncanny ability to throw in the whole avant-garde machinery...as if it were the simplest, most normal way of making music in the world....of great effect, clever and direct. Almost neoclassical avant-garde”
- The New York Times


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